advanced wastewater treatment
sequential batch reactor

CYCLATOR Technology

The patented CYCLATOR technology is a fully automatic, simple to operate, time-based advanced SBR/Cyclic biological treatment system that responds to flow and load variations, is easily expandable and produces a high quality effluent. The processes of biological oxidation, nitrification and liquid/solid separation are achieved continuously in a single basin.

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BIODEC Decanter

UTB developed their decanter, BIODEC, which is a scum/solid excluding, hybrid floating type decanter. It incorporates all the advantages of a submerged weir decanter (consistent flow rate, peak handling capability) while retaining the operation simplicity and straightforward build of floating type decanters.
All our BIODEC decanters are available as stand-alone products and are compatible to any plants, where decanting is required. Fitting is simple and straight forward even when retrofitting older plants.

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