CYCLATOR Technology

The patented CYCLATOR technology is a fully automatic, simple to operate, time-based advanced SBR/Cyclic biological treatment system that responds to flow and load variations, is easily expandable and produces a high quality effluent.

The processes of biological oxidation, nitrification and liquid/solid separation are achieved continuously in a single basin. In a conventional SBR, influent is allowed to flow into the reactor basin during the fill/react cycle only.

The CYCLATOR process allows continuous inflow to the basin, even during the settle/decant cycle. By allowing continuous influent, it eliminates the need for multiple basins and equalization tanks.

The patented FeedForward cycle incorporated into CYCLATOR allows for the distribution of the raw wastewater mixed with MLSS from the select zone to the biomass settled in the bottom of the react zone (in the settle and decant phase), by means of a distribution manifold system. This assures that the hydrolyzing carbon content of influent wastewater can meet with the phosphorous accumulating and denitrifying bacteria. This unique feature helps in full biological nutrient removal and enhances the process efficiency over any other SBR/Cyclic process currently in the market.

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  • Continuous influent

  • No requirement for equalization and return sludge

  • Efficient degradation ensures complete BNR

  • FeedForward cycle concept

  • Low CAPEX/OPEX/Footprint

  • Fully automated technology

  • Energy savings by cycle control


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5500 m3/day, 261 000 PE, 4 x BIODEC S 200

280 m3/day, 2854 PE, 2 x BIODEC C

2070 m3/day, 24390 PE, 8 x BIODEC C

308 m3/day, 3763 PE, 2 x BIODEC C

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