New generation BIODEC-P in operation


We are proud to announce the launch of a new version of the BIODEC decanter, the soul of the Cyclator technology, reborn as a high-density polyethylene decanter. After successful testing and commissioning procedures, the new unit was recently installed on one of the lines of the communal wastewater treatment plant in Vácszentlászló. The facility, with UTB Envirotec as the main contractor, was completed in 2013 and originally operated with a stainless steel BIODEC decanter.

However, due to the decanter’s major upgrade and thanks to the great relationship between Cyclator Ltd. and the operator of the plant, the former unit was replaced, free of charge, by the first ever polyethylene BIODEC-P decanter. The facility continues to operate at a capacity of 7000 PE, cleaning over 750 m³ of wastewater daily.