Presentation about Cyclator technology's characteristics and benefits


At the ”SBR technology workshop” organized by the Hungarian Water Association our estimated colleague, Noémi Szerdahelyi gave a presentation on the proven benefits of using Cyclator technology, namely high purification efficiency, excellent nitrification and denitrification capacity, unique rainwater treatment, continuous wastewater intake and stable operation under variable hydraulic conditions. In addition to meeting the limit values, it is an important goal for already operating wastewater treatment plants to optimize energy use which can be carried out by the flexible adjustment of treatment cycle phases (aeration, mixing). After the completion of installation and commission of new wastewater treatment plants, UTB Envirotec remains involved in the continuous evaluation of these plants’ operation. Our colleagues pay regular visits to the plants, evaluate the data provided by the operators and help develop new operational strategies.

Furthermore, Cyclator Ltd. is constantly making effort to further develop the decanter unit, which is the most important mechanical element of the Cyclator technology. Noémi introduced the Biodec-S and Biodec-P decanters, that are unique in easy installation and operation, and applicabe not only in Cyclator plants but in any other SBR plant, regardless of technology, even in existing systems. In the closing lines, she presented the company’s development directions and the remarkable experimental background UTB Envirotec provides: for example a pilot plant suitable for conducting experiments has been in operation in our own laboratory.