Sóskút wastewater plant hand over!


The sewage collection system including the installation of a 14.5 km gravity pipeline, a 4.7 km pressure pipeline and 124 house lifting stations was completed in only 200 days. The new wastewater treatment plant that employs CYCLATOR technology designed by UTB Envirotec Zrt. includes a fully covered plant and a biofilter unit for odour control as well. The conctruction was carried out by Strabag Kft.

The complete project that received more that 2 Mrd HUF (6.5 m€) from EU funds (KEOP) has great environmental significance as there is a vulnerable water resource below Sóskút village - said Mr. Ferenc Kőnig, Mayor of Sóskút, at the opening ceremony.

The wastewater treatment plant can handle 350 m3 raw wastewater a day, including 15 m3 septic waste per day. The treated effluent of the new wastewater plant fulfils the strict effluent requirement limits and is discharged to the Benta stream near Sóskút.