Another project in India!


Four of Cyclator’s biggest decanter, BIODEC-S 600 were sent off to India last week, to be installed in a new wastewater treatment plant in Jhansi. The scum/solid excluding, hybrid floating type decanters are able to decant up to 3000 m3 wastewater per hour per unit while they feature fail-safe operation and emergency overflow function. The units, designed to handle large flows, have only one control part: a simple small diameter three-way motorized ball valve. The decanter’s vertical movement is induced by injecting or releasing pressurized air into its body. This air-powered decanter can be driven by the plant’s aeration system, thereby eliminating the need for any complex equipment.

From the warehouse near Budapest, the stainless steel decanters started their journey by trucks and will be shipped to Jhansi. Thanks to the easy maintenance, the almost zero energy demand, and the reliable operation, the decanters will be efficient components of the Jhansi wastewater treatment plant that’s being built as a greenfield investment and will have a hydraulic capacity of 26000 m3/day.