BIODEC™ Decanter

BIODEC™ is a scum/solid excluding floating type decanter. It incorporates all the advantages of a submerged weir decanter (peak handling capability) while retaining the operation simplicity and straightforward build of floating type decanters.

All our BIODEC™ decanters are available as stand-alone products and are compatible to any SBR plants. Fitting is simple and straightforward even at retrofitting older plants. BIODEC™ family of decanters come in two models and 7 sizes to deliver a capacity of 50 to 3700 m3/h in a single unit.


BIODEC™ decanters boasts of only one moving part which is a simple small diameter three-way motorized ball valve. The vertical movement of the decanter is done by injecting or releasing pressurized air into the body of the decanter. The levels of the decanter can be adjusted on site easily to suit local conditions. This air powered decanter can be driven by the plant’s aeration system, thereby eliminating the need for any complex equipment.


C series is our newest addition to the BIODEC™ family of decanters. This model is made of composite and has the obvious advantages over its stainless-steel counterpart i.e. total resistance to corrosion, lower shipping costs and ease in installation due to its low weight.

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  • Constant flow - single unit allows constant flow from 50 - 400 m3/h

  • Modular design - Multiple units operate in cohesion to deliver unlimited capacity

  • Algorithm driven Intelligent decanter to suit Process Conditions

  • Utilize full decant cycle times rather than pre-set value

  • Composite contruction - 20+ years life span

  • Submerged weir design - eradicate sludge suction

  • Emergency overflow - built in auto-stop mechanism

  • Scum/solids exclusion - air-cushion design guarantees floatables exclusion

  • Simple installation - Lightweight, flanged construction for quick and easy installation

  • Low weight and packing volume - low transport and handling costs

BIODEC-S™ 100-200

In this decanter design the square shaped floating unit moves up and down along the frame mounted on the tank edge following the changing water level. Decanted treated water is removed through a plastic hose connected to the floating body.

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BIODEC-S™ 300-600

Built for larger capacities, BIODEC™ 300-600 series delivers the same simplicity, reliability and endurance found in the compact units. Designed to handle large flows, this series of BIODEC™ decanters is unique in its construction.

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  • from 50 m3/h to 3700 m3/h decanting capacity per unit

  • process air driven, low operating costs

  • no driving gear required

  • easy access to the control unit

  • reliable and long-life operation

  • emergency overflow: peak handling capability

  • rugged, corrosion resistant stainless steel construction

  • compatible to any SBR plants

BIODEC™ Brochure

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750 m3/day, 7020 PE, 2 x BIODEC S 150

7380 m3/day, 65033 PE, 4 x BIODEC S 400

220 m3/day, 1938 PE, 2 x BIODEC S 100

350 m3/day, 3735 PE, 2 x BIODEC S 150

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