Finding new ways in wastewater treatment processes - Mini-CYCLATOR


Mini-CYCLATORTM is a unique wastewater treatment pilot unit designed to better understand the wastewater treatment processes, to increase the efficiency of existing plants, also, to develop new technologies. All mechanical elements of the industrial scale Cyclator treatment systems were either mini-copied or mini-designed and installed in the pilot unit, such as aeration, mixing, decanter, control system and instrumentation in order to have a mini but complete treatment system.

Mini-CYCLATORTM clean water test

Why the Mini-CYCLATORTM wastewater treatment process is unique?

After mechanical installation, first the clean water test of the tank and the running test of the equipment’s were carried out. After that we ran the mini system in automatic cycles and carried out flow tests with clean water.

Flow test in Mini-CYCLATORTM

After then made the commissioning of the system starting with inoculation of the Mini-CYCLATORTM tank with aerobic wastewater sludge. The first step of commissioning was the precise setting of aeration and mixing functions, then fine-tuning of the control processes, and finally it included test operation targeting a continuous and stable operation.

Simultaneously, technological examinations like sludge sedimentation tests, microscopic examination and various components’ tests from raw wastewater and treated water were carried out.

Mini-CYCLATORTM system running in automatic mode after inoculation

After a successful commissioning period, the mini-CYCLATORTM pilot unit reached stable operation. We are now in the research phase with our main focus on increased wastewater treatment efficiency so please stay tuned for exciting new developments in the near future!